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I am His. I belong to Him. I strive to make Him happy and proud of me. Always. Forever. I am His.
Dedication : complete and whole hearted devotion and commitment.
Dignity : the quality of being worthy of honour, respect and truthfulness.
Dominate : to occupy a commanding, elevated and positive position.
Surrender : to yield to the power, control and possession of another. Submissive : to be unresistingly and humbly obedient to another.

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Is there any attempt to get rid of the word 'Daddy' in the D/s world. It implies child abuse with 99% of the general population and is about as pc as referring to your partnership as Master and Nigger. As a parent and a son it is excruciating to see parental ties sexualised this way and the number of blogs I see run by under-20s looking for a Daddy to abuse them demonstrates that consensual adult terms are normalised amongst vulnerable children. The D/s scene has a responsibility to change.
daddyssquirmytoy daddyssquirmytoy Said:


I understand that your message comes from a genuine concern for the welfare of young people. And of course I agree that children should be protected from sexual assault. For that matter, EVERYONE should be.

But on the point of the word “Daddy,” I think you need to broaden your view. “Daddy” has been used as a term of affection between lovers, inside and outside of BDSM, for sixty years or more. For that matter, lovers have been calling one another “baby” or “babe” for the last century. Do you assert that the writers of almost every love song since the 1920’s are endorsing sex with infants? That’s absurd.

Finally, I reject your comparison of “Daddy” to the “N” word. The “N” word has never been anything but an epithet, at least, so far as I know. Whereas “Daddy” is associated with a long list of positive attributes that have nothing to do with actual fatherhood.

So, rather than starting a movement to evict the word “Daddy” from BDSM, let’s focus on the important part of your message: actually protecting children from abuse.




think of this as the sequel to the “no-you-are-most-certainly-not-in-charge” kitchen spanking my adorable girlfriend got last week.

but i can’t quite bring myself to make her a truly sorry little spankypants girlie with a truly hard spanking. not yet, at least.

because she’s cute and feisty and lovable and spankable. and i swear she likes it when i pull her panties down and smack her marvelous little ass until she says oooowwweee.

So fucking hot.

There is no question as to why this has thousands and thousands of notes. A peak into a true daddy and little relationship.



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never be afraid to shine on. and when you think you can’t, shine even brighter! ❤️

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When your feel low put on a diaper!


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There’s nothing cuter than a diapered bum


There’s nothing cuter than a diapered bum

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  • Daddy: *hand feeding me bits of orange*
  • Me: *biting off half of a piece* Daddy! That piece is to big! I can't fit it all!
  • Daddy: *looks down at penis* Little girl I know for a fact you can fit bigger things than this slice in that little mouth.
  • Me: But Daddy! That's blowjob physics! It's not the same as regular physics! I don't know how it works but that's just the way it is! It's science!
  • Daddy: *facepalm*


Clear your mind here

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I love both sides of princess.

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It’s exciting when you find parts of yourself in someone else.
We have all seen those Daddy’s Rules, House Rules and Dominant Rules. I’d like you to sent me some Little’s Rules. Cute and/or silly rules for Daddys and Mommys.
daddyssquirmytoy daddyssquirmytoy Said:




Rule number one… If you get soap in you littles eye you must help get soap out quickly then let her eat all the ice cream she wants and play with her and watch movies with her all night long!

Rule number two… If your little gets a owie no matter how small, kiss it better.

Rule number three… always good morning and goodnight kisses, no matter if your little is being a brat, your mad at them, or they are mad at you, or even if they are asleep. Always always Gm gn kisses!

Rule number four… you must play and do somthing with your little to make their little side very happy at least 2 times a week. (examples) 》give bath . Color together . Blanket fort . Reading to your little . Playing dress up . Dance . Craft . Hide N go seek . Board games . Movie night . Glow stick party . Play chubby bunny and take pictures . Nerf gun war . Lazer tag .
Anything that makes your little all giggles and smiles!


Good rules.